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Jamba Juice vs. Smoothie King

Smoothie Smackdown

Lets take a closer look at the smoothies we sip through the summer heat.

FLAVORS : Jamaba is expanding but Smoothie king has a kagillion and you can customize all you want. So if variety is what you crave, smoothie king is the way for you.


TASTE: Jamba Juice is a thicker consistency, i personally favor smoothie kings smoothie consistency. However, I always feel that JJ is healthier because I really do taste the fruits and seeds that was blended in. Smoothie king tends to be a bit sweeter, I think they put more juice in it. 


CATEGORIES: Smoothie king has an extensive list divided into categories, power up, snack right, slim down, etc., but really they are all the same and confusing. YOU GOTTA READ THE INGREDIENTS. Smoothie king puts a lot of unnecessary crap into their smoothie. But now they have a “make it skinny” option which is a FAR BETTER OPTION than the original. Or you can always ask for exactly what you want. You can customize any three fruits/juice into a smoothie. Both Jamba and smoothie king equal in calories.  I personally pref the all fruit smoothies from Jamba because all other jamba smoothies contain dairy base, which is a vegan no no. But if you do consume dairy and have to a pick a healthy smoothie, pick from JAMBA LIGHT menu. Although fruit smoothies sound healthy and light, it is a common misconception and many smoothies can run up to 500+ in calories. Jamba caters to vegans, dieters following non gluten, non dairy.


COST: Smoothie king, small (20 oz)/ jamba 16 oz costs about the same. Be prepared to dish out at least 5 bucks.


Overall, I prefer Jamba Juice and there are more jamba locations available.

You may want to check out the mom and pop fruit carts on the street. They are cheaper and a good alternative. They use fresh fruits and have a wide range of selection to choose from. You can also juice most fruits and veggies. Support the little people.


Snack Bars

Organic food bar/raw organic food bar: cold pressed organic goodness. I especially love the “vegan” bar. The “active greens” are also pretty good. FYI some people may get turned off by the color, but if you can forego the greeness, it is D-lightful. Good portion (68 grams), big enough to be a quick meal on the go. 

Overall grade A

Raw revolution: all organic,  yummy, vegan and RAW but it is on higher end of calories (size does matter) and high fat (although good fat). It is on the greasy side so it can be messy eating it on the go. My favorite is the Spirulina and Cashew. 

Overall grade – B+

Larabar: easy to eat, minimal ingredients, vegan, raw, most bars range from 180 to 210 calories so it makes a great snack bar. It is higher on the fat grams, mainly due to the nuts.  Try Apple Cinnamon and Cashew cookie. 

Overall grade- B+

Cliff Bars and Luna Bars, same company guys and gals. Both taste AWESOME. Cliff bars contain a little more calories than luna bars. Most luna bars have about 180 calories, they are geared for women but ANYONE can eat them. Food is food. The difference between the other ones previously mentioned on top and cliff/luna bars are that these bars are processed.  They contain about 70% organic ingredients. It is vegan friendly, but the bars do state that there may be trace amounts which is only visible through highly scientific testing. The Cliff/luna brand has the most variety when it comes to flavors, and availability (easily accessible, most stores sell em in the diet aisle) but they are all processed.

Overall grade B-

Kashi golean: I love KASHI, i trust KASHI, i love their goLean cereal. It is my breakfast staple. I even carry them around as snacks. But to my disappointment, their golean bars are NOT vegan friendly. But it is light and tasty. Tasty because the bars are overly processed. Good amount of calories, but mostly puffed rice/corn. It is not too filling. A better alternative is their TLC snack bars, but I say stick with the cereal. 

Overall grade C-

GNU bars: banana walnut is heaven. the FIBER content on this bar is truly amazing. 12 grams at 120 calories, it is pretty fab.  Anyone trying shed some major lbs should try this bar. For 12 grams of fiber, one would think it would taste like saw dust. BUT IT DOES NOT !!! it takes pretty darn good. I tried all of their flavors and they are all great minus the orange cranberry. The bars are baked and sometimes hard to find at the local store but they are worth it. 

Overall grade A- (only because it is baked)