Let the BBQs begin…

Flame that grill and let’s party, veg style!

Remember JUST SAY “NO” to JUNK

You can eat your burger and keep your tummy belly free.

MORNING STAR is the way to go.  Boca burger not as tasty, a little too rubbery for my taste.

Get any 100% whole wheat bun, xnay on the cheese. CHEESE is like crack, if you eat it all the time, you need it all the time. You feign for it, think, obsess about it. BUT, truth be known, after the initial few days of with drawl, you will be OK.

Condiments, the evil of all evils.  They seem innocent enough, but they are BAD for you and you should stay away. 

YES- mustard, olive oil, vinaigrette (in moderation, of course)

NO-ketchup, mayo

Finally, pile on the veggies and ENJOY.

Thirsty? NO SODA.  chug some water or natural organic iced tea. As for the Booze, keep it flowing, its July fourth, everyone needs a break some time. Salute!


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